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Solve the puzzles, break the codes, find the clues. Solve the mystery!

Attention! The Age Suggestion for this experience is 12+ (Intelligence level).

Puzzle Tour -- The Missing Inspector

Newspaper Clipping with description of the Clockwork Orangeville Event.

Volume 6 

July 17th, 2017

Page 5


The Duhvitchi family recently announced the auction of an antique painting commissioned to Emily Carr. They hired Inspector Ivan Clemmens to keep an eye on their painting during an auction which took place during the Founder's Day Festival last week. He has the reputation of a perfect crime solving record. He has solved every case he was assigned. Clemmens went missing a day after the Festival and the painting, that was presumably stolen, is still missing. 

The RDA is looking for volunteer detectives after failing to resolve the case.




- "Its elementary my dear Watson"

An introduction

Enjoy the company of your friends


Easy going players    


Groups of varying ages

Time: 2 hours 

Challenge Level: Easy (3/10)

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