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General Information


General Information

General Information

Why play our games?

We have created a new, original type of game that is designed to support groups.

Step into and immersive and rich story.

Practice your detective skills, code breaking, problem solving and team work.

Have fun as you spend time and create memories with your friends, families and loved ones. 

How do you play?   What is the puzzle game like? 

Our puzzle tour is an escape room crossed with a scavenger hunt and sprinkled with a mystery story.

When you arrive you are given a game package with a booklet. The booklet will guide you through around downtown Orangeville as you solve puzzles, riddles and codes. The goal is to solve the mystery.

What is the photo tour like?

It is like scavenger hunt where you get a chance to learn about Orangeville's history, discover amazing art, and take beautiful photos!

When you arrive you are given a game package with a booklet. The booklet will guide you through around downtown Orangeville.

How difficult are the games? 

Our photo tour only has one level: Easy.

Our puzzle tour ranges from Easy to Hard with 5 different game modes or levels. 

Which puzzle game level should I pick?

We suggest that you take a peek at our levels                     If our explanation is unclear and you are still unsure, please contact us! Our detectives would be happy to help you decide on the perfect experience for you!

Who can play?

Play with friends, your family, your significant other, or even colleagues for work.

The adventures are best enjoyed with three or more players per party.

Private bookings can accommodate up to 48 players and special arrangements can be made for parties over 10 people.

For the best experience, the recommended minimum age is 12. That being said, we accept players of all ages.

Why do you have age recommendations?

The game involves a series of codes, clues and puzzles. The brain puzzles may be too complex for younger players or disabled players with a lower mental capacity. That being said, again, we accept players of all ages.

What if I have less than 3 players? Can two people play?

For the best experience on each level of our games, we suggest a minimum of three players. For pairs or solo players, we suggest that playing an easier level of our game. Try the levels Elementary, Watson or Leisure.

Please contact us to make these special arrangements. 

What if I have more than 6 players?

For up to 10 players, please book as normal.

We would like to inform you that upon arrival, your group will be broken up as evenly as possible amongst yourselves. You will not be paired with strangers.

This is for your convenience and the convenience of others as some of the spaces are too small for large groups.

Is the game frightening?

None of our games are designed to include any intense or frightening moments. You may feel a little bit of adrenaline due to the time limits, but nothing else. 

Will we interact with other players? 

Other parties will play the same game at the same time. You will see them before and after a game when everyone meets to start or finish a game. You may see other players while playing game. 

We discourage sharing clues and information because players may be sharing the wrong answer. 


If you wish, you may contact us to book a private event.  

How long will the game take?

Puzzle tours range from 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the mode chosen. 

Photo tours are play at your own pace. They generally take an hour. 

Time is limited, but don't worry about being the fastest.

Where will we be playing?  

Players will be spending time outside and in the stores on the downtown streets of Broadway and Mill St. 

Please dress for the weather. 

How safe is the game?

Adventurers are never put in harm's way, nor are there any imaginary, in-game "threats".

Be prepared to cross roads at crosswalks and traffic lights. Pedestrian traffic in Orangeville is well supported. We condemn jaywalking.

Can we Google answers?

We ask that answers are not posted online as videos, photos or audio recordings. 

Violations of this may result in fines.

Googling will also not help players, so we suggest against it.

Can we take pictures?

We'd love to hear about your adventure and see your pictures! 
Tag Us @rivetingadventurez or use #unlockYourSherlock

We ask that answers, clues or booklets are not posted online as videos, photos or audio recordings. 

Violations of this may result in fines.​

Booking Your Adventure

How do I book tickets?

Option 1:

We have a two step process. It is so simple that you can do it all by yourself! Submit the form by going to TICKETS > (Choose which tour you'd like to experience) and fill out the form. You should soon see a PayPal invoice. Please submit the total amount at least ONE DAY before your scheduled adventure.


Option 2:

Send us an email or give us a call!

We ask that you book your adventure at least TWO - THREE DAYS in advance.

How much do tickets cost?

For our puzzle tour tickets are $30 per player, but with every extra ticket that you buy, we offer $10 off!

We also currently offer discounts for party sizes over 10 people.

For our photo tour you purchase a $20 ticket that is good for up to 5 players.

Can I book more than 10 players?

Yes, please contact us for a special party package discount and we will be happy to help you book tickets!

Do the puzzle games run on Sundays?

We would love to our puzzle games all week however, we only run them on Saturday or Friday due to the operating hours of our local venues.

Do the puzzle games run on weekdays?

Our puzzle games can be arranged to work on Fridays. Please give us at least a three days notice and contact us to make the arrangements!

Do you have a game running on X date? Will you be adding more dates?  

If you do not see a date on which you would like to play a game, please contact us! We will be happy to make accommodations.

We are open from March through August. 

How do I submit the total amount and receive my receipt?

Please go to TICKETS, pick a game, and fill out the form. You should see a popup with a PayPal invoice. You are able to pay with whichever form that you prefer: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, etc.

Do you accept cash or a cheque? 

In short, unfortunately we do not. We need to know if people are coming before we run a game. When we receive the total amount, it is confirmed that your party is going to play the game.

How do I know if I am on the guest list?

After we receive the total amount, you will be sent information that is necessary to play the game. If you have received this information, you are officially on the guest list.

General Information

Where can we park our car? 

Please contact us! We will send it out ASAP!

Primary Parking: Behind 34 Mill St, Orangeville, ON L9W 2M3 

Secondary Parking: Armstrong St, Orangeville, ON L9W 3H6

You can use your Green P Parking app. Parking is FREE.


Tips and Preparations 

Bag Storage

Please do not bring any big bags or purses as you will have to carry them around. 

Remember to bring an eco-friendly water bottle to stay hydrated!


Unfortunately, not all of the stores on Broadway are easily accessible by wheelchair. 

Adventurers can request a ramp at the cashier of each store if needed.


Please come prepared. We only cancel for heavy rain and storms.

We suggest umbrellas if the forecast calls for light rain and sunscreen on very sunny days.


We ask that answers are not posted online as videos, photos or audio recordings. 

Violations of this may result in fines.

Googling will also not help players, so we suggest against it. 


There are countless opportunities to try our unique food options. 


The best coffees and teas can be found at Mochaberry.

Ticket Policies

We offer a 100 % refund for weather cancellations.


To be admitted, please print your ticket, or bring your confirmation email and have them ready to be presented. 

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