General Information


General Information

Why play our games?

How do you play?   What is the puzzle game like? 

What is the photo tour like?

How difficult are the games? 

Which puzzle game level should I pick?

Who can play?

Why do you have age recommendations?

What if I have less than 3 players? Can two people play?

What if I have more than 6 players?

Is the game frightening?

Will we interact with other players? 

How long will the game take?

Where will we be playing?  

How safe is the game?

Can we Google answers?

Can we take pictures?

Booking Your Adventure

How do I book tickets?

How much do tickets cost?

Can I book more than 10 players?

Do the puzzle games run on Sundays?

Do the puzzle games run on weekdays?

Do you have a game running on X date? Will you be adding more dates?  

How do I submit the total amount and receive my receipt?

Do you accept cash or a cheque? 

How do I know if I am on the guest list?


Where can we park our car? 


Tips and Preparations 

Bag Storage

Please do not bring any big bags or purses as you will have to carry them around. 

Remember to bring an eco-friendly water bottle to stay hydrated!


Unfortunately, not all of the stores on Broadway are easily accessible by wheelchair. 

Adventurers can request a ramp at the cashier of each store if needed.


Please come prepared. We only cancel for heavy rain and storms.

We suggest umbrellas if the forecast calls for light rain and sunscreen on very sunny days.


We ask that answers are not posted online as videos, photos or audio recordings. 

Violations of this may result in fines.

Googling will also not help players, so we suggest against it. 


There are countless opportunities to try our unique food options. 


The best coffees and teas can be found at Mochaberry.

Ticket Policies

We offer a 100 % refund for weather cancellations.


To be admitted, please print your ticket, or bring your confirmation email and have them ready to be presented. 


Permanently Closed

Past Location:

Orangeville, Ontario Canada

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